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Yu Home is an experienced brand dedicated to interiors decoration for more than 10 years. We take pride as a curtains specialist, providing flexible size customisation and premium materials. Our range of products includes curtains, blinds, wallpapers and other decorations.

Yu Home started business in Semenyih and steadily expanded to Seri Kembangan and other region. The company has been operating for more than 10 years and has amassed various of professionalism in the field,  capable of fulfilling requirements our clients ask for. As of date, we have served thousands of clients from large corporations to individuals alike.

Over the years, Yu Home offerings have expanded to include a range of complementary products and services to value-add our core business in the curtain industry. Focusing more into the interior decoration of space design, we carry more than just our attractive curtains and blinds but also other products such as furnitures and etc. We are also constantly upgrading our operation & services across majority cities of Malaysia.

Our unique selling point is that we provide full and flexible curtain customisation service to cater to the mass requirements of various clients. As the interior design sector has been growing rapidly, we believe a standard-size accessories and curtain won’t be able to meet the modern’s requirement. Each business and individual is unique and has their own set of standards to be fulfilled, and we are here to provide the perfect fit for your interior aesthetic. 

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Yu Home specialises in curtain design and manufacturing. We have decades of experience in this field and has served thousands of clients ranging from individuals to large corporations. Our products and services are suitable for all kind of occasions, be it for simple home usage to special events.